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muffler repair

Car exhaust repair and replacement

Professional Car Muffler Services

Is your car making a deep rumbling noise from its exhaust pipe? Get the exhaust system and muffler inspected by hiring the team at Taylor Muffler Shop. Get quality workmanship every time you visit us.


If your car is making loud sounds and the check engine light is blinking, it may be time for you to get the catalytic converter of your car checked and replaced. Rely on us to inspect and replace various parts of your exhaust system so that your vehicle remains in good condition.

Check Out Our Exhaust and Muffler Services

•  Dual exhausts

•  Glasspacks

•  Tailpipes

•  Catalytic converters

•  Custom pipe bending

•  Stock mufflers and turbo

Get a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on all our services. We offer product WARRANTIES as well.

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You'll be happy to know that we use exhaust parts and mufflers from reputable brands like Magnaflow, AP Exhaust, Flowmaster, and Cherry Bomb.


What's more? You can get drop-off services from us too! Drop by our shop today!

Custom Dual Exhaust

A dual exhaust system uses two exhaust pipes to carry out the engine exhaust. Dual exhaust will give you a significant power increase by allowing your car's engine to have a better exhaust system. Taylor Muffler shop also offers installation of custom dual exhaust packages.